Scroll down for directions and street view

Directions:  Drive with Steve Biko street through Arcadia.  Cross Soutpansberg road and pass Engen garage.  Move to the far left lane.

Turn left at first robot in Dr Savage road.  Cross the robot.  Take the next entrance to your left for secure parking behind a boom gate.

Walk back to Dr Savage road and cross the street. Walk towards the vehicle entrance to the casualty unit.  Next to this entrance with security guards, there is a gate to your right. Enter through it (you will see the side of the building in front of you as you enter).  Walk in the direction of the trauma unit of the hospital until you see a path turning right and going downwards the entrance of the building called OPD (Out patient department).  After you entered the building there is a lift/stairs on your left.  Take it to the third floor where the HospiVision’s offices are.

Office nr:  012-3299492