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Training Courses

Please note:
Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds for courses not attended, but we can give you a credit note that is valid for 12 months. You can attend any of our short courses, or you may transfer the credit note to someone else.

Courses accredited by the University of Pretoria (UP):
Students can choose whether they want to do an additional assignment after the course in order to receive a UP certificate. This is at an additional cost of R900, and the payment can be made after completion of the course when the assignment is sent in. Please note that certificates are issued only once a year by the University of Pretoria. The UP certificates for any courses completed during 2023, will be issued by the University at a ceremony in 2024.
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Online Short Courses 


11-13 March 2024
26-28 August 2024

CPD points for CPSC members: 10 
Course Cost: R1050
University of Pretoria Certificate: R900   
Registration: Luvhengo Tshikovele
To believe in sunshine course header

Depression: To believe in sunshine

Depression is a disease that can have a profound impact on your life and relationships, in particular if you do not understand what is happening to you.  Your behaviour changes and if you and your family are not equipped to deal with it, it can be devastating for your relationships.  This course is for everyone who has ever struggled with depression, has family or a friend who is living with depression or who is in a helping profession where they work with clients living with depression. The experience of having depression will be explored.  Frameworks providing for new choices and strategies will be explored and practical suggestions for journeying with depression will be provided.


8-10 April 2024
18-20 November 2024

CPD points for CPSC members: TBC
Course Cost: R1050
University of Pretoria Certificate: TBC
Registration: Luvhengo Tshikovele
Relationship counselling course header

Relationship Counselling

Short course on Counselling for marriage counselling, marriage enrichment, abuse, divorce, new families and hopeful families.

19-21 February 2024
20-22 May 2024
29-31 July 2024
7-9 October 2024

CPD points for CPSC members: 10 
CPD points for Dutch Reformed Church Pastors: 12
Course Cost: R1050
University of Pretoria Certificate: R900   
Registration: Luvhengo Tshikovele
Spiritual care & counselling for the sick course header

Spiritual Care & Counselling for the Sick

During illness, hospitalization, injury and/or disability, the individual and his/her family experience trauma on many levels. Pastors, counsellors and those involved in care for the sick can play an important role in mobilizing the individual’s spiritual, emotional and social resources to achieve optimum healing and health. The course will help to master basic counselling skills to support the sick person and his/her family; be able to offer spiritual care and guidance in different situations; understand the modern health care environment and how to operate in this environment; have a better understanding of the impact of illness on the person.

5-7 February 2024
13-15 May 2024
15-17 July 2024
14-16 October 2024

CPD points for CPSC members: 10 
CPD points for SACSSP members: 6
CPD points for Dutch Reformed Church Pastors: 15
Course Cost: R1050
University of Pretoria Certificate: R900   
Registration: Luvhengo Tshikovele
Trauma counselling course header

Trauma counselling

A short course in Trauma Counselling. It is certainly not an overstatement to say that we live in a traumatized society.  South Africa has some of the highest violent crime, abuse and rape statistics in the world.  Caregivers and counsellors in society are overburdened by the psychosocial and spiritual impact of this situation. HospiVision, with its experience in trauma units at hospitals is ideally placed to provide training and practical experience in trauma counselling for lay and professional caregivers.  Key areas that will be addressed by the course are exploring and understanding trauma; narrative approach to trauma counselling; care for the caregiver. 

4-6 March 2024
10-12 June 2024
2-4 September 2024

Course Cost: R1050
University of Pretoria Certificate: R900  
Registration: Luvhengo Tshikovele
Ministering for sick & vulnerable children course header

Holistic care and support for sick and vulnerable children

During this course, attendees will increase their own understanding of the world of children with regards to their developmental needs, and they will be encouraged to reflect critically on the spiritual experience of children with regards to illness, pain, and suffering. The impact of illness, hospitalisation and health care encounters on the child and family will be discussed, including children living with disabilities, chronic illness, life-threatening conditions such as HIV/AIDS and cancer, as well as the dying child. A discussion on the hospital environment will enable attendees to establish safe and effective visitation programmes for children. Attendees will also gain a better understanding of the rights of children in healthcare as well as relevant aspects of the Children’s Act.


26-28 February 2024
3-5 June 2024
9-11 September 2024

Course Cost: R1050
University of Pretoria Certificate: R900
Registration: Luvhengo Tshikovele
Addressing spirituality in palliative care

Addressing spirituality in palliative care

This course, for all caregivers on the Bio-psychosocial-spiritual paradigm, is about caring for those patients diagnosed with life-limiting diseases. It covers relevant aspects of palliative care with a focus on spirituality and existential issues important in the end-of-life situation. A broad based approach is followed as it includes palliative care for those living on the streets, as well as what is of importance for those from other belief systems. As an interactive presentation style is followed, participants can bring their own personal experiences, thereby enriching the knowledge base of this course.

One-year Courses


One-year Online Course
Four blocks of four days each:
29 January - 1 February 2024
6-9 May 2024
12-15 August 2024
28-31 October 2024

One-year Course
CPD points for CPSC members: 20
Including a University of Pretoria Certificate
Course Cost: R9 200.00 
(R2 000 registration fee, plus 4 instalments of R1 800 before each block week)
Advanced programme in Clinical Pastoral Counselling course header

Advanced programme in Clinical Pastoral Counselling

This programme brings participants into a supervised encounter with persons in crisis. You will grow in your awareness of yourself and develop new skills, through supervision by specialist pastoral counsellors. This will equip you to deal with the story of illness as it is woven in the fabric of society.  Theological and pastoral reflection and feedback from peers and supervisors will provide new insight and sharpen your skills as you grow in your interpersonal and professional competence. 

There is an application process and a screening process for this course.
Deadline for applications is 24 November 2023. For any further enquiries please contact friend@hospivision.org.za

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